Connect or Not at IST, Lisbon


A tangible version of the Connect or Not installation was developed during a working period at IST Lisbon. It included the interactive tent structure used previously in the Quadricone installation, connected with custom designed LED lamps whose reaction was coupled with that of the motors. This version of the installation also made use of Estimote location beacons to provide low resolution position tracking and make the system react according to the position of users. The result was an interactive architectural skin attached to the ceiling, whose form and colour would change based on the input from data collected on the use of wireless network infrastructures (using Connect or Not Android app). Starting from a regular arcade as one of the basic architectural forms, the skin would deform with 3G and Wi0Fi network traffic.

The installation was set up in the Civil building on the Alameda Campus. It was presented to the students of architecture and computer science, and open to general public.




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