Does the EM environment reflect the physical in which is it contained?

Several research projects examined the relation between wireless networks and the physical space in which they were contained, mostly focusing on network usage and its dynamics. They were attempts at visualising WiFi presence in a 3-dimensional manner. The problem with visualising a wireless signal is in its instability and discontinuity, and the obscurity of possible interferences – in one word in its invisibility. “Outside of monitoring the server logs, the wi-fi can only be perceived through the presence of users themselves, or of course via devices that detect wi-fi.”(Torrens 2008)⁠. These projects were often conducted on campus networks, granting access to log files and network monitoring capacities. University campuses were treated as approximation of complex urban conditions – test environments or miniature versions of an urban neighbourhood where a complex set of activities – including living and working are taking place.

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